Do Crested Geckos Need a Heat Lamp

No, Crested Geckos do not need a heat lamp. These lizards are native to the forests of New Caledonia and do just fine in ambient temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, providing a basking spot that gets too hot can be harmful to your pet gecko.

If you are keeping your Crested Gecko in an enclosure with live plants, you may need to provide a low-wattage bulb for illumination purposes only.

If you’re thinking about getting a crested gecko as a pet, you might be wondering if you need to provide a heat lamp. The answer is maybe. Crested geckos are native to New Caledonia, an island in the South Pacific, and therefore used to a tropical climate.

In captivity, they can do well at room temperature (between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit), but some owners like to provide a basking spot with a heat lamp for their geckos. This is not strictly necessary, but it may help your gecko feel more comfortable and encourage it to be more active. If you decide to provide a basking spot, make sure it’s not too hot (around 90 degrees) and that your gecko can easily move away from the heat if it gets too warm.

Do Crested Geckos Need a Heat Lamp


Can Crested Geckos Live Without a Heat Lamp?

As long as the room your crested gecko lives in is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, they will be just fine without a heat lamp. Anything below or above that range can lead to health problems for your gecko. If you live in an area with colder winters or hotter summers, consider getting a reptile-specific thermostat to help maintain a consistent temperature in their enclosure.

Do Crested Geckos Need a Heat Lamp Or Mat?

Crested geckos are a species of lizard that originates from the Solomon Islands. They are a nocturnal creature that is most active at night when the temperature is cooler. During the day, they like to find a cool spot to rest and will often basking in sunlight.

In their natural habitat, crested geckos live in trees and make their homes in hollowed out tree trunks or among leaves. At night, the temperature can drop significantly and so they will often seek out a warm spot to sleep. A heat lamp or mat can provide this warmth and help your crested gecko stay comfortable.

Heat lamps should be positioned so that your gecko can move between the warm and cool areas of its enclosure as it pleases. This way, your pet can regulate its own body temperature by moving to different parts of the cage. A heat mat should be placed under one side of the cage so that your gecko can bask on it if it gets too cold.

The ideal temperature for a crested gecko is around 24-26 degrees Celsius (75-79 degrees Fahrenheit). You may need to experiment with different temperatures to find what works best for your pet since every reptile is different.

Do Crested Geckos Need a Basking Light?

Crested geckos are a species of lizard that originates from New Caledonia. They are nocturnal animals and therefore do not require a basking light. However, they will benefit from having a warm hideaway where they can go to escape the cooler temperatures at night.

A basking light can be used to provide this warm hideaway, but it is not essential for the health of your crested gecko.

What Temperature is Too Cold for a Crested Gecko?

Crested geckos are native to the tropical forests of New Caledonia, where temperatures range from 72-84 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, they are not used to extreme cold and can easily succumb to hypothermia if left in temperatures below 60 degrees for too long. If you must take your crested gecko outside or move them to a location that is cooler than their natural habitat, be sure to provide them with a warm basking spot and plenty of hiding places so they can regulate their own body temperature.

Everything You Need To Know About Crested Geckos- Heating

Do Crested Geckos Need a Heat Lamp at Night

Most people believe that crested geckos need a heat lamp at night in order to stay warm. However, this is not the case. Crested geckos are from New Caledonia, where the temperature does not drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Therefore, they do not require a heat lamp in order to stay warm. In fact, providing a heat lamp can actually be harmful to your crested gecko. If the temperature in their enclosure gets too hot, it can cause them to become dehydrated and stressed.

It can also lead to respiratory problems. If you want to provide some extra warmth for your crested gecko at night, you can use a ceramic heat emitter instead of a heat lamp.

Do Crested Geckos Need Uvb

Crested geckos are a popular pet choice for reptile enthusiasts, and for good reason! They’re relatively easy to care for, have personality plus, and are just plain cute. But one question that often comes up is whether or not these little lizards need UVB lighting.

The short answer is no, crested geckos do not need UVB lighting. In fact, too much UVB can actually be harmful to them. Their natural habitat is tropical forest floors where they get very little exposure to direct sunlight.

So as long as you provide them with a warm environment and plenty of hiding places, your crested gecko will be just fine without UVB lighting. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t give your crested gecko some time in the sun! Just make sure to monitor them closely so they don’t overheat, and provide plenty of shady spots for them to retreat to when they need a break from the heat.

Do Crested Geckos Need a Heat Lamp Reddit

Crested geckos are a type of lizard that is native to parts of Asia. They are a popular pet due to their docile nature and small size. Crested geckos can be kept in captivity without the need for a heat lamp.

These lizards do not require high temperatures to thrive, and they actually prefer cooler temperatures. This means that you won’t have to worry about your pet gecko getting too hot or cold.

Do Crested Geckos Need a Water Dish

As a rule of thumb, Crested Geckos need a water dish if they are not being offered food that has been dusted with a calcium/vitamin supplement. If you are feeding your Crested Gecko insects that have been dusted with a calcium/vitamin supplement, then they probably don’t need a water dish. If you decide to offer your Crested Gecko a water dish, make sure the water is changed daily and the dish is cleaned weekly.

Do Crested Geckos Need a Light

Crested geckos are nocturnal lizards that are native to the forests of New Caledonia. They are a popular pet due to their docile nature and wide range of color morphs. While crested geckos do not require a light, they will benefit from having one.

A light provides Crested Geckos with several benefits. First, it allows them to regulate their body temperature. By basking in the warm glow of a light, Crested Geckos can raise their body temperature when it gets too cold.

Secondly, a light provides much-needed UVB rays. These UVB rays help Crested Geckos produce vitamin D3, which is essential for calcium absorption and bone growth. Finally, a well-lit enclosure will make your Crested Gecko feel more secure and less stressed.

While you don’t need to provide a light for your Crested Gecko, doing so will certainly improve its overall health and well-being. If you decide to add a light to your pet’s enclosure, be sure to choose one that emits UVB rays (such as Zoo Med’s Reptisun 10).

Crested Gecko Heat Requirements

Crested geckos are one of the most popular reptiles kept as pets. They are native to warm climates and therefore have specific heat requirements. In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about providing the proper heat for your pet crested gecko.

First, it is important to note that crested geckos are nocturnal animals. This means that they are more active at night and prefer to sleep during the day. Because of this, their enclosure should be kept at a temperature gradient with one end being slightly warmer than the other.

The warm end of the enclosure should be between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit while the cool end should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, crested geckos will often bask in the warm end of their enclosure so it is important to provide a heat source such as a reptile basking bulb or ceramic heat emitter. At night,creased geckos will retreat to the cooler end of their enclosure so it is not necessary to provide a heat source during these hours.

It is also important to provide hiding spots for your crested gecko as they like to feel secure and safe. Hiding spots can be created with rocks, logs, or plants and should be placed on both the warm and cool ends of the enclosure. By providing hiding spots on both ends of the temperature gradient, your crested gecko can thermoregulate by moving between these areas as needed.

In summary, crested geckos require a temperature gradient in their enclosure with a basking spot on the warmer end. Hiding spots should be provided on both ends of the gradient for optimal thermoregulation. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your pet crested gecko stays healthy and happy!

Do Crested Geckos Need Humidity

Crested geckos are a lizard species that originates from New Caledonia, an island country located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Because of their natural habitat, these lizards are used to living in humid conditions with high humidity levels. In captivity however, crested geckos can live happily in lower humidity levels as long as they have access to water and the proper hiding spots.

That being said, there are a few things you should do to ensure your crested gecko’s enclosure is comfortable and meets its needs. First, make sure the cage or terrarium has plenty of ventilation so that the air inside does not become stagnant and wet. You should also provide your pet with a shallow dish of water for drinking and bathing.

Finally, add some plants or other objects that will help raise the humidity level inside the enclosure if it starts to get too low. By following these simple steps, you can create a happy and healthy environment for your pet crested gecko!

What Do Crested Geckos Need

As one of the most popular reptiles kept as pets, Crested Geckos are relatively easy to care for. They are a nocturnal species, so they are most active at night. Here is what you need to provide for your Crested Gecko:

Habitat: Crested Geckos can be housed in a variety of enclosures including plastic terrariums, glass aquariums, and even custom-built cages. A 10-gallon tank is suitable for one or two adult geckos. Be sure to include plenty of hiding places and vertical space for climbing.

You can line the bottom of the enclosure with paper towels, newspaper, reptile carpet, or coco coir substrate. Temperature: These lizards come from humid tropical forests so they require moderate humidity and warm temperatures. The temperature in their habitat should be between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and no lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

A basking spot under an incandescent bulb can help provide the necessary warmth. Humidity: As mentioned above, Crested Geckos like it moist! The humidity level in their enclosure should be kept between 50-70%.

This can be accomplished by misting the cage once or twice a day with distilled water or setting up a small water bowl (be sure it isn’t big enough for your gecko to fall into and drown). Diet: In the wild, these lizards eat insects and fruits. A diet of crickets dusted with calcium powder and vitamin supplements will keep your pet healthy and strong.

Feed them 2-3 times per week depending on their size; baby geckos will eat more often than adults.


No, cresties do not require a heat lamp! They are a tropical species of gecko and should be kept at room temperature (between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit). If your home is too cold for them, you can use a ceramic heat emitter or undertank heater to provide some additional warmth.


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