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Armadillidium Vulgare Magic Potion Japanese Isopod Care Guide

The Vulgare Magic portion isopods are a unique breed of carapace with an appealing yellow and black color. They usually create a good visual spectacle when in large groups. It belongs to the Armadillidium Vulgare group which is known for its woodlouse. Breeding this creature is simple, however, it depends on the line you buy. 

The Japanese line produces more productive species, while the American line breeds slowly. It is a rare species that moves quickly into its habitat. While many have the same skin, some types differ based on their orange. They aren’t that large, however, they move quickly in their natural habits. Their habitats could be an average container or you could get an affordable vivarium or terrarium.

Like most isopods, they feed on rotten leaves, tree bark, and gray materials. They need an average temperature between 60-80 Fahrenheit to survive. It also serves as a good feed for any pet reptiles you might have at home.

Size, Appearance, and Behavior

This creature has a distinct appearance along the isopod groups. This is because of the unique expression called the dalmatian gene popular among its group. Each of these creatures has its own identity based on where it comes from. They have lineages from both American and Japanese lines which have their nuances.

In size, it ranges from average to large size and measures about 1-2cm. Whatever size you buy, they are great options. Their appearance is appealing as they are shiny, especially at night. However, they are voracious feeders. They can fall upon one another when eating. 

But, the Japanese version is identified because of its distinct spots and skin textures. When you buy the magic isopods, they are prolific breeders. You should buy these creatures based on your wants. My take is that the Japanese ones are better for new keepers, however, if you are professional, you could go for the American ones. 

Nevertheless, many buy both isopod species and keep them appropriately. They don’t give many problems and are simple to care about. They adapt to many environments and are an ideal fit for all habitats.

Caring for Armadillidium Vulgare Magic Potion Japanese Isopods

  • Habitat

This creature needs an ideal starter culture which should range from a shoe-size container to an average-size container. It isn’t a small creature, therefore needs to provide some measure of airflow. However, not all of them are sensitive to ventilation, as many still survive without adequate air.

In your best interest, puncture a few holes in the container which will help ventilate the habitat properly. You could consider using an acrylic invertebrates enclosure which is a good fit for these creatures. Moreover, while it loves a dry environment, they are unforgiving and aren’t brutish even in wet habitats. 

They thrive in several humid and moist vivarium and terrarium setups. Before buying this creature, ensure you think about the type of habit they will stay with, especially when you buy the Japanese line. They are rapid breeders and if you are using a small container, you might need to change them quickly. 

You should try to set up a wide bioactive terrarium because it is better and ideal for tropical vivariums. They love a mild gradient in a well-cultured environment.

  • Substrate

When considering substrates for these creatures there are certain things to consider. An ideal substrate for them helps to regulate their moisture level. It’s very vital to care about how they retain their moisture. For primary foods, sources for substrates are decomposed organic materials. It’s recommended you mix materials of nutritional value.

You should ensure you create a typical vivarium substrate if you are new to keeping worms like this. This creature will survive with a variation of the classic ABG mix. The base of your substrate should also be laced with sphagnum moss and coco coir. This could be supplemented with orchid bark and sine earthworm castings.

They are great for fertilizing nutrients. They make excellent bioactive cleaners and their burrowing character helps to replenish their terrarium substrate. 

  • Feeding

Feeding is vital for these creatures if you want them to reproduce quickly. Their diet is mainly from decomposing natural materials. Many of their meals are rotten hardwoods and leaf litter. These diets are important for this creature because of their nutritional value. When you place this isopod in a bioactive setup with pets like toads, snakes, and lizards, you can add some other diets. 

They also need supplements with several vegetable scraps and fish flakes. However, you should add these meals one at a time. Avoid putting too many meals in their habitat to avoid molding over. Another good choice is buying a premade mixture such as isopod supercool blends.

Finally, it always reproduces quickly when you feed it with protein and calcium supplements. Some great calcium sources are eggshells, cuttlefish bones, and fish foods. 

  • Temperature and Humidity

This species loves a very mild and humid environment which makes them adapt quickly to their environment. However, they aren’t the fussy type and have coped well on wet terrains. This doesn’t mean you should abandon them in these moist terrains. 

While they adapt properly to these environments when they are overexposed to wet terrains. These can make them dry out quickly. Keepers in cold regions should constantly watch the temperature of their habits and make necessary changes. 

For better survival chances, put them in a place where the temperature is between 60-80 Fahrenheit. An ideal humid environment for these creatures is around 65%. 

Are they good feeders?

Yes, these creatures are nutritional feed to pet reptiles. Buy them in large quantities and make them a regular feed for your pets. Your best chance of making them a good feed for your pets is by buying them and feeding them properly.

You could also choose to place them on the same substrate as these pets. They are a good source of protein for pets and reptiles. They are a better alternative to other doest for pets, because of their rich nutrients, you just have to get them in large quantities.

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