Bumblebee Millipede

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This Listing is for a 12ct of Bumblebee Millipedes

Like all of our milipedes sold on the site, they are all captive bred in our own colonies!

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Bumblebee Millipede

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Bumblebee Millipede

Bumblebee Millipede Care Guide

Aneplenobolus monilicornis, also known as the bumblebee millipede, is easy to take care of, delightful, and fun. They are very prominent and are the perfect choice for beginners who want to own them as pets.

This extraordinary millipede has a lifespan of more than 7 years. This bumblebee millipede is not too hard to breed, although there can be challenges.

Conserving them can be seen as enjoyment, but breeding them is a wonderful experience. They have distinct properties in them that repel other insects.

Let’s have a look at this stunning and striking species called the bumblebee millipede.

Appearance, Size, And Behavior

Out of all the millipede species, they are the most colored. They are in different segments, and every part of this segment is brown/black, mixed with a bright yellow band.

Each body segment has two (2) pairs of legs which are colored pink and red, the same as its antennae. When it comes to size, they have a growing body size that is up to 10cm 4inches, but some of them are around 7.5cm 3inches long.

The bumblebee millipede is not considered dangerous because they don’t bite when placed on a human; they are harmless to humans. However, when they feel threatened, they secrete irritating and toxic fluids.

They are calm and slow-moving animals, they are also docile when taken care of. Most times, they curl themselves up to protect themselves from danger.

This behavior is seen as a sign of stress; in this mood, ensure you don’t try to curl them as they might secrete their toxic fluids.

They are always attracted to light and like to bury themselves when they want to mount (shedding their external exoskeleton).

Caring For Bumblebee Millipede

  • Habitat

The first step in preserving the bumblebee millipede is to have good habitat/housing. Ensure they are kept in suitable enclosures that create a safe habitat.

They are very easy to house and do not have any special housing requirements. The height of the enclosure should be a minimum one time the body size, or a higher square is recommended.

The housing size should be at least three times the bumblebee millipede’s size in width and two times the millipede’s size in depth. Note that the floor space of the enclosure is more vital than the height.

Make sure the enclosure has good ventilation. If yours comes with a lid, you can customize it by drilling holes.

  • Substrates

A suitable substrate gives life to a bumblebee millipede; it won’t survive in a sour substrate layer. A good substrate should consist of the food component and the base component.

Use coconut fiber for the base component; it is clean, cheap, and seen as a consistent product; you can choose to use potting soil.  As for the food component, hardwood leaf litter, compost soil, rotten wood, and the decaying plant can be used.

  • Feeding

They are detritivores meaning they feed primarily on decaying plants and matter. Other food items suitable for them include; pears, oranges, apples, cantaloupe, pumpkin, carrots, celery, baby powder formula, dry dog food, and endive.

  • Temperature And Humidity

They should be kept at a higher room temperature. It should be around 22°C-28°C. Humidity keeps them healthy and warm, so the humidity level should be between 70%-80% in the enclosure.

Are They Good Feeders?

Yes, they are good feeders. They grow better and faster when fed with supplemental food items. They love munching on fruits and vegetables.

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