Cuban Spiny Isopod (Pseudarmadillo Spinosus)


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Isopod Pseudarmadillo Spinosus (Cuban Spiny) Care Guide

The isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus is a very rare and unique species of isopod which traces its history to Cuba. Because of how this Isopod breeds, some of these isopods “Pseudarmadillo spinosus don’t reach adulthood. They are very difficult to see and can only be found in limited quantities. 

They must breed in a well-maintained environment to ensure they increase in population and flourish properly. They require a good amount of vitamins and proteins which will help their general health. 

Size, Appearance and Behaviour

The isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus is an average-sized creature which loves staying in its habitats and breed easily. It has a whitish or golden colour which makes it blend well into the environment. Their movement depends on how their immediate environment and temperature. Usually humidity level is 72-90 Fahrenheit. It also needs some amount of darkness. 

If these conditions aren’t present, the isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus move very fast until it finds a good habitat. This Isopod species prefers contact with places with much moisture and stops desiccation. When they are in grouped settings, they find their way using alternation. They don’t bite and never display aggression toward their breeder. If you study them well, you will know they compete very much against one another.

Caring for Isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus spikey 

  • Habitat

The isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus lives in a moist environment and vivariums. All vivariums they stay in will need you to replenish their leaves. When they are in secondary habitats, you will need to feed them with additional food sources which can make them breed quickly. The habitat of the isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus should be watered daily especially when the humidity level is below 55%. Misting the environment ensures that the substrates around there don’t dry up.

  • The substrate

The substrate condition of the isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus usually contains boiled leaf litter. The substrate of this specie is a bit over-engineered for its habit. The substrate for this Isopod species should be at least some inches deep away from the enclosure. You will then apply a thin layer on top of these substrates.

Ensure it doesn’t reach far up so that these isopod species won’t escape. You should keep one end of the enclosed area dry to ensure these worms naturally hydro-regulate. You could also decide to buy an under-tank heater and place it by the side of the enclosure.

  • Feeding

The feeding of the isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus is very simple and diverse. They feed on thin layers, dry plants, and decayed leaves. They love proteins and vitamins because it makes them flourish. Their meals also include tree barks, litters of flowers and crushed limestone.

  • Temperature and Humidity

The best temperature of the isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus is around 72-90 degrees Fahrenheit. They love an environment which is neat and where there is enough dryness. This is tough though for those staying in colder regions. If you are a breeder staying in these cold locations, ensure you regulate the place where the isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus will stay. The isopod “Pseudarmadillo spinosus needs an average humidity level of 75%.

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