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Cubaris sp. Amber Firefly Isopod Care Guide


The Amber Firefly Isopod are medium size isopod species which are very popular in the world. 

They come from an Asian origin and can be found usually in Thailand, Malaysia and some parts of Japan. However, they can be bred in any country using their colonies.

Many breeders are interested in their bloodline and have captured them and transported them to their place. The Cubaris sp. Amber Firefly Isopod thrives better in wet vivarium settings. 

These isopods are great for breaking down fecal matter, organic debris and spoilt foliage. They love protein nutrition.

Size, Appearance and behavior 

The Cubaris sp. Amber Firefly Isopod will grow a bit larger than normal terrarium isopods, but they can only reach the maximum size of 2.2 cm or about 0.82cm. 

This is generally an acceptable size for most terrariums of these species. They are moderate breeders because they take some months before they can reach their full size. Their reproduction is a bit slow once they reach their adult stage. 

Caring for Cubaris sp. Amber Firefly Isopod

Here are a few care routines for the Cubaris sp. Amber firefly:

  • Habitats 

The Amber Firefly Isopod loves staying in many containers, if you don’t have a large container, you can start small. They can survive in a terrarium or vivarium. It is best to put them in a transparent container so you can view their movement. 

However, don’t stick too many Amber Fireflies in a container at a time. The ideal container for them is an acrylic aquarium as this is ideal for their survival. For safety reasons, it’s best to use a vaseline beneath the cover.

  • The Substrate

The substrate for breeding the Amber Firefly is a decomposing wood mulch and many solar panels sphagnum peat moss with natural leaves. This helps these bugs to develop into a very healthy medium.

Moreover, these help in preserving the Amber Firefly and help them reproduce quickly. These cultures love eating dead nateias, particularly dead cork bark which is common in their habitats. 

The Amber Firefly like most isopods are crustaceans which are related to crabs and prawns. Being close to fiber and sphagnum moss will help them gain better humidity, while leaves are their main source of diet.

  • Feeding 

The feeding requirements of the Amber Firefly are broad. They love protein meals, therefore boiling leaves should be included when feeding these species. Don’t also forget to feed them with sliced vegetables and crushed limestone. They should also be fed with regular calcium, leaf litter and other dietary materials. 

  • Temperature and Humidity 

When it concerns the temperature of the Amber Firefly, they love to be in the middle range. They should be kept at a temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They prefer to stay in this range as long as it is moist. Breeders who stay in colder environments may have to get containers with an ideal temperature. You could also try to add a small substrate to get some heat into their habitat.

For Humidity, the Amber Firefly needs a humidity level of around 65%. They are from the genus cubaris lineage which blends well with high-humidity and tropical settings. You need to wet their habitat at least once daily for a better climate. However, avoid putting too much pressure on the soul and it mustn’t dry.

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