Porcellionides Pruinosus Powder Oreo Crumble Isopod


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Porcellionides Pruinosus Powder Oreo Crumble Isopod

The Porcellionides Pruinosus Powder Oreo Crumble Isopod is an average isopod that grows and multiplies fast. This is a fast-moving and quick feet creature that is hyperactive. Their skin coating is powdery which makes them distinct from other isopod species. 

This is a creature that needs a big enclosure that it can use to clean up colonies quickly. They don’t bother much in arid environments if you provide a moist environment for them. They also need a place where they can hide in their habitats. 

When you buy them, you will be getting a beautiful creature that isn’t fussy but always happy. It is popular among keepers because they adapt easily to an array of environments. You need to feed this bunch with enough protein, or else they might eat themself up. 

They are voracious eaters and need to be fed when due. They love fish flakes food and dried shrimp. You should try to feed them these meals at least twice weekly when culturing differently. You can order them in cups with a minimum of 12 at various stages. 

Size, Appearance, and Behaviour 

There are average size isopods that can grow big with time. They tend to grow just around 1.2 to 1.5 cm in size. They are pretty active, just pop them and watch them move around the environment. These critters have a harsh texture to their carapace which ranges from silver to dark coloration. They are pretty lovely and you will stare at them all day long. 

These creatures are excellent feeders and breeders, therefore ensure you keep an eye on them. They are a great buy for beginners, a nice choice for bioactive choice and pretty creatures. They don’t resist much but place them in a befitting terrarium or vivarium. They put their energy into use as they breed easily, which makes them have a thriving population. They make perfect tank custodians because of their huge appetite.

They munch on virtually anything which makes their habitat neat and healthy. However, ensure you handle them gently because they have a soft body. If all you want is an isopod that interacts with its hosts, then this is a great choice. 

Care for Porcellionides Pruinosus Powder Oreo Crumble Isopod

  • Habitat 

These isopod creatures can be kept for two years. They are culture containers, or a big vivarium or terrarium. Some professional keepers with space use both methods to keep these species. If you are using an established vivarium, I will advise you to have a different culture. 

This is an avenue to top-up your colony or even as a backup if there is any mistake. Since they aren’t that huge when you buy them, you could start with an average size container. But know that with time, you will need to get something bigger. Be prepared before buying this product that they multiply quickly. If you can’t find an average size container, use a shoebox-size container. 

Also have it in the back of your mind, that they look like plenty of ventilation. So unless you have a specially made enclosure, you need to puncture your holes. With ventilation holes, make small holes to create better holes rather than big ones. If you use a vivarium and terrarium, it usually comes with an ideal venting system. 

  • Substrate 

Irrespective of how and where you keep these creatures, you need a good bioactive substrate. It must be able to retain some moisture as these creature substrates cannot be allowed to dry out. Put some organic materials in these substrates for them to feed on. 

When you have an isolated container, you can use a blend of coco coir, earthworm casting and sphagnum moss. If you use a dedicated vivarium, you should get a classic ABG mix, they are a tried and tested substrate. On their substrate, you need to put leaf litter, mixed oak leaf and twigs. 

  • Feeding 

In their bioactive setup, they eat naturally decayed matter popularly called detritus. This primarily is good nutrition which should be on their meals. Before buying this product, ensure you know their feeding habits so that there won’t be any problems. They consume diverse food and have a huge appetite. They are glad to always eat fruit and vegetable cuttings. While they can consume anything from the kitchen, it’s better to go in little bits. Allowing the meals to spoil is bad for their enclosure and can attract pests. 

Veggies are their preferred meals and fruits attract pests which are dangerous for them. If you place them in an isolated culture, feed them at least three times weekly. However, if they are kept in an established habitat, they will eat less. They also require a good amount of calcium which is necessary to improve their skin texture m

Protein should be added to their meals to keep them in a good condition. Fish food flakes are an ideal choice and they also consume meat scraps. The easiest and most affordable way to feed these critters is using a dedicated blend. Something called a superfood blend which has all the nutrients needed for them to survive 

  • Temperature and Humidity 

What makes this critter adaptable is its ability to cope with diverse temperatures and humidity levels. They are not fussy, a normal household temperature ranges from 65-80, which is fine. Except you are in a very cold location, they should be fine. For humidity, this is pretty simple for this creature. Just ensure you keep their moisture levels up. The average level you should aim for is 55%

Are they good feeders? 

Yes, these are nutritious feeds that pet reptiles love. They are a good alternative to the expensive meals they are used for. When buying this product, it will serve as a great meal for these pets when used in the right proportion. Since they multiply fast, you will benefit greatly by breeding them easily. Just buy them in their earlier stage, take care of them, and feed them properly. This is the best feed you can offer your pet reptiles.

Weight 2.26796 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 in


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