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Porcellio Werneri Isopod Care Guide

The Big Porcellio Werneri Isopod is an extremely flat and gentle isopod species. This creature hunkers down on all surfaces anytime they are threatened. Their ancestry is traced to Greece and they are beautiful creatures to keep. 

Moreover, when keeping these isopods, ensure you have the required space to keep them because they can multiply easily. While containers will generally be a fantastic habitat, ensure you create a ventilated avenue for easy airflow. You won’t want them to die off quickly. 

A vivarium or terrarium will be a nice suggestion especially if you want to keep them in large proportions. Temperature and Humidity are important for these creatures, you won’t want them to stay in an overtly wet habitat. Although they can adapt easily, it’s better to keep them somewhere warm, where they can move about easily.

These creatures should be exposed to enough airflow and thrive more in their natural habitat. It is better when you keep them in a moist setup because they might die off in a dry environment. Their feeding varies, however like most isopods, it needs lots of calcium and protein which makes it an extremely great feed for pet reptiles.

It is a seasonal breeder, therefore, expects babies only in some parts of the year. Meals could include fish flakes, rotten woods, and some oak leaves. 

Porcellio Werneri Isopods Size, Appearance, and Behavior 

It has a slick body and grows about 1.2 to 1.5 cm. They have a pale color which can change sometimes depending on their habitat. Their dorsal surface has a harsh segmental exoskeleton that has little holes. Each of them is unique in its ways and nice in its ways. 

These bodies are fragile, you will have to be very careful when putting them in their habitat. While they are harmless, handle them gently to avoid casualties. The lovely creatures aren’t problematic and will take everything at them playfully. 

They are easy to care for and have a quick reproductive rate. If you are interested in having an isopod that can cope easily in a bioactive terrarium, then this might be a good choice. It is a good choice for keepers who are new and have little knowledge about keeping worms. They don’t give problems and have a forgiving nature. When you take care of them properly, expect to have a healthy creature for many years to come. 

Caring for Giant Porcellio Werneri Isopod

  • Habitat 

Habitat for this creature should be given prominence. There are two basic places you could keep them. You can decide to get an average Tupperware box that can contain them. These boxes can be gotten at the beginning, however, make sure you put some holes, to allow adequate airflow. 

They prefer a nice ventilated habitat which ensures they will hunk around easily. However, ensure these holes are protected with some materials because some might run away. Their habits shouldn’t be too wet, they will thrive better in a moist environment. If your budget is great, use a terrarium or vivarium which offers a natural feeling to it. 

It reproduces quickly, you will have to find a bigger habitat very soon. These bigger enclosures need to be filled with moisture gradients to help them feel comfortable. 

  • Substrate 

Substrates for this creature are simple just ensure you fill their enclosure with leaves, oak trees, and twigs. The substrate for these creatures should be very deep to ensure they don’t feel too cold. A mixture of coco air, Peat moss, and sphagnum is necessary to make it comfortable. 

While not compulsory, get earthworm castings which are great choices to put in their substrates. Earthworm casting serves as a natural enclosure material. An ABG mix is the recommended choice due to its great blend and perfect aeration features. If you want these creatures to survive censure the whole place is covered with leaves and plants. 

  • Porcellio Werneri Isopod Feeding 

Feeding these worms should be done intelligently. While they aren’t fuzzy, when it comes to diet, they take it seriously. They eat anything such as leaves, moss materials, decayed bark, and softwoods. Ensure you place these food items inside their habitat every time.

Furthermore, you can supplement these meals by giving them nutrition rich in protein and calcium. Leaves and decayed vegetables are budget-friendly supplements for them. Don’t just dump these feeds on them, put them in their habitats in bits.

This is to ensure that they don’t become holds and spoil the habit atmosphere. Fish flakes are a protein source that they love in large quantities. If you are finding it difficult to get these, buy some isopods blend which contains a comprehensive deity. This will keep them healthy all year round. 

Asides from these feeds, limestone and decayed materials are a nice source of diet they can feed with. These creatures aren’t too fuzzy about meals, but they need to be fed daily. They have a good appetite and avoid leaving them hungry in their substrates. 

  • Porcellio Werneri Isopod Temperature & Humidity 

This species needs a good temperature to survive and reproduce. Although they are highly adaptive to many temperature levels, keep an eye on them. The best temperature they can thrive in is around 65-80 Fahrenheit which is possible in all regions. Humidity levels where they can survive is about 65% if you can get them inside a good and well-ventilated container. 

A vivarium or terrarium should be able to provide this creature with an ideal temperature and humidity. Humidity affects the reproduction of these creatures, therefore ensuring that when you buy them, they are well looked after. Their enclosure should be designed in such a way that an ideal temperature will be maintained for these creatures. They adapt well and with proper care multiply in a short time. 

Are they good feeders?

Yes, these are very good feeders for pet reptiles. For pet reptiles to survive, they must regularly be given good nutritious meals. While there are many food sources for these pet reptiles, these worms are cheaper and more nutritious. When you buy this creature for breeding, it allows you to have a good source of meals for your pets.

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