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Porcellionides Pruinosus Powder Orange Isopod Care Guide

The Powder orange isopods are excellent little creatures. It comes with velvet orange skin and displays fast moves. They are an ideal isopod pet and recommended for both new and expert keepers. This is honestly a hardy, prolific and hungry worm that can stay in a moist terrarium.

This creature can adapt easily to most temperatures, however, ensure the habits they stay in aren’t too dry. Feeding them is pretty easy because they are voracious Eaters. They eat about anything they come across like decayed tree breaks, twigs, and leaves. 

Always put them in a temperature ranging between 70-80 Fahrenheit, they survive better in these temperatures. It is also a good source of food for pet reptiles because of its rich protein nutrient. When you buy it, try to get a bigger place for them to stay, as they multiply quickly. 

Size, Appearance, and Behavior

This creature glitters and has a dusted texture. Their bold and clear appearance makes them flashy. It is an isopod species that is known for its diverse color morphs. This creature is similar to its close cousins; the powder blue isopods. In size, they aren’t that big but are average species that could grow up to a centimeter in length.

However, don’t be deceived by their diminutive features as they can get the job done quickly. They can be hyperactive creatures who always move around their habit all day. It can thrive in various environmental conditions, just ensure you avoid a dry habitat. They tend to favor humid and warm environments, however, they will be fine in most environments. 

When you buy this creature, they can quickly form a large family, therefore ensuring you get a habitat that will contain them. This isopod species is seen in a popular traditional setting and establishes itself quickly. They are known to be always hungry and will consume almost anything. 

They are a good custodian for vivariums and terrarium custodians. Moreover, it has many tones and textures which makes them appealing. As it matures, they change physiologically and physically, when you buy it, you will watch them mature over time.

Moreover, it is a very delicate creature to handle, due to its physical makeup. It doesn’t have the durability that others in the isopod community have. Also, it is a fast creature, which makes handling them difficult. Therefore, after buying them, take care of them when transferring them and avoid dropping them from a high position.

Caring for Porcellionides Pruinosus Powder Orange Isopod

  • Habitat

Due to their average size, you can start with an average size container when trying to keep them on your own. After buying it, smaller plastic containers should work as a good habitat in the beginning. However, ensure you keep an eye on their growing population because they grow fast. 

When this happens, quickly find a bigger habitat for them to thrive. Don’t also forget, it needs lots of ventilation, Irrespective of the habitats you create for it. If you are using a container, ensure the container has small holes for excellent airflow. However, if you have the funds, get a nice enclosure for it to thrive naturally. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that these creatures are regular jailbreakers. When making holes in a container, try to cover these holes with some fine mesh screens for ore protection. They are expert climbers, therefore keeping an eye on all routes in their habitats. 

They are more active in the top layers of their habitat than in the downside. Like their fellow isopods, they love moisture gradients in their habitats, which implies you need to expertly separate a moisture area from the dry area.

  • Substrate

When dealing with substrates for this creature, a variation of a classic ABG mix with enough leaf litter on top is ideal. Ensure that the substrate is about a few inches deep. When they stay in an isolated place, you can mix coco coir, sphagnum moss, and peat moss. 

If you can find earthworm castings, these are good alternatives and are easier to find. The ABG mix is your best option because it has the right blend and excellent aeration features. Also, it’s a good place for all leaves and plants that this creature needs to survive.

  • Feeding

They have a very huge appetite, so ensure they are fed regularly. They will eat about anything thrown to them. Furthermore, they eat leaf litter, decay barks, and decomposing softwoods are their common meals. Irrespective of where they stay, you will need to regularly fill their habitats with these items. 

Moreover, when it concerns supplementation, these creatures need extra food sources to augment their main meals when culturing. Vegetable cuttings are great supplements because they are cheaper and easy to provide for these creatures. However, you need to feed them this gradually to prevent waste. Fish flakes are another healthy food source for these worms.

It requires protein which fish flakes have in abundance. Also, there are unique isopods meals which you could give them. These blends contain a balanced diet which will keep these isopods in great shape. It does not need much calcium, what it needs most are feeds rich in protein and vitamins.

  • Temperature and Humidity

It is a great isopod that has a high tolerance for various temperature levels. However, ensure you provide them with great habitat and substrate. An average habitat for this creature should be between 70-80 Fahrenheit. In rare cases though, it can survive in temperatures below 68 Fahrenheit. 

With Humidity, they thrive at high levels, just keep it above 50%. This is easy to achieve even if they are kept in a closed container. The right Humidity is essential for the survival of these creatures, ensure you take it very seriously.

Are they good feeders?

Yes, they are good feeds, especially for pet reptiles. The key is to buy these worms, breed them so that they will grow quickly and you can feed your pets. They are a great source of protein which these pet reptiles need to survive. Pet feeds are expensive, however, feeding them with these worms is a cheaper and healthier option.

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