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Protanura Sp. Springtails Orange Springtails Care Guide

Protanura Sp. Springtails, “Orange Springtails” are wingless, tiny hexapods. While some springtails have vivid colours, others are dark or drab. The Orange springtail has a beautiful Orange colour, which makes them pleasant for viewing.

The orange springtails can leap, thanks to a feature on their underbelly called a furcula. The most prevalent non-social bug on the earth is likely a springtail and the orange species can be found almost anywhere in the world, both the Arctic and Antarctic are home to them. 

They are frequently found in organic, moist soil, where they feed on fungus. Although they do not harm plants, they occasionally eat new shoots. Red springtails, like other springtails, are commonly mistaken for fleas because they can jump. Whenever there’s a presence of springtails in a place, it is probably because of moisture, as the springtails are in constant need of moisture.

Not much information is known about Protanura Sp. Springtails, “Orange Springtails” except the fact that they originate from Spain. They are special species of huge, lovely, and very prolific springtails. They like decaying wood and moist soil.

Size, Appearance, and Behavior

The Protanura Sp. Springtails “Orange Springtails” are larger springtails that can grow from 1 – 8mm. These species are ideal for both desert and tropical bioactive enclosures since they can withstand a broad wide variety of habitats. Several reptiles and amphibians, such as dart frogs, salamanders, fish, etc., can use the Orange springtails to augment their diets. 

As primary decomposers, they will efficiently break down organic materials in a vivarium, keeping the enclosure tidy and the soil or substrate in good condition while cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend maintaining the enclosure. These arthropods are simple to raise since they reproduce a lot and grow fast. They like to dwell in soil that has an abundance of decomposing wood and vegetable matter.

Caring for Protanura Sp. Springtails “Orange Springtails”

  • Habitats

Areas, where Orange Springtails are bred, should be a damp environment. Most springtail species assemble in great numbers in soil spots. When their environment becomes dry, they frequently infiltrate structures in quest of moisture.

When breeding them in homes – using vivariums or terrariums, ensure that a lid is used, to prevent them from moving to high-moisture locations like bathrooms, kitchens, wet crawl spaces, basements, and wall voids within your home, as these are areas where springtails are frequently found.

  • The Substrate

They can be bred in plastic containers, around shoebox size, or in a terrarium or vivarium. The terrarium substrate can be a mix of peat moss and pieces of charcoal. The substrate should be damp, moist coco coir should suffice. 

Using charcoal as a part of the substrate makes it easy to remove them from the culture if the need arises.

  • Feeding

Orange springtails have a voracious appetite. They will feed on dog food, fresh and dried asparagus, fish food, and remnants of vegetables. They mostly eat the mould that develops on the food in the culture rather than the actual food that has been added.

  • Temperature and Humidity

The orange spring has no peculiar temperature and humidity needed. High temperatures between 72 – 88 degrees and humidity between 60 – 80% would bepreferable. Take note that temperature and humidity have a great influence on their reproduction. 


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2 reviews for Protanura Sp. Springtails Orange Springtails

  1. Anna

    These are amazing to watch. Thank you Terrarium Station for sending all adults and great packing!

  2. Samantha

    So, The listing is for 30 but I received over 100 of them! Not even joking. Thank you guys so much!

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