What is an isopod? Isopods Explained In Details

What is an isopod

Isopods go by many names, including pill bugs, roly-polies, sowbugs, and woodlice.

However, these creatures are crustaceans rather than bugs or lice—those who surprisingly succeed in thriving in various environments.

They’re all so important to many of the natural processes that take place on our planet, and these waves also impact inside of our homes

We will go over all there is to know about isopods in this article due to the interest of many people, especially those who enjoy terrariums or vivariums.  Some people like to keep them sometime in Bioactive Terrarium 

What is an isopod? 

The first thing to know about isopods is available everywhere, including Fresh Water, Saltwater (The bottom of the ocean) and Land. No matter where they are, they share common and pretty simple anatomy: a segmented exoskeleton, 4 sets of the jaw, 7 pairs of legs, and compound eyes. 

They have a pouch under their thorax, which females use to care for young isopods. Besides all this simple anatomy, they have many species, colors, and types of isopods. Nowadays, it’s pretty common for many people to have pet isopods. 

Know more about what do isopods eat. It always good to know about three food habits, if you wanna keep them. If you wants to buy isopods feel free to visit our store. We have live collection of all kinds of isopods for sale.

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