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This Listing is for a 6ct of Pink Dragon Millipedes

These are the smaller versions that reach up to 2-3cm!

Like all of our milipedes sold on the site, they are all captive bred in our own colonies!

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Pink Dragon Millipede Care Guide

Pink Dragon Millipede, also known as Desmoxytes Planata, is a toxic millipede named for its unique and vivid pink color. This millipede lives in the open, particularly on leaf litter, and becomes very social after heavy rainfall.

The pink dragon millipede has defensive glands in its body that creates hydrogen cyanide; this hydrogen cyanide protects it from predators who are attracted to it by its color, and this cyanide smells like fresh almonds.

Its colors are bright, eye-catching, and intriguing. Note that the cyanide is not strong enough to harm humans; always ensure you wash your hands after touching them.

Size, Appearance, And Behavior

The pink dragon is a short but bulky millipede that has a length of 3cm long for adults. They mostly live in leaf litter found in limestone karsts; they forage for fallen leaves to eat and other decaying plant matter.

When the pink dragon millipede isn’t looking for food, it will sun itself on the rocks knowing fully well that it can’t come under any danger.

The pink dragon millipede has a long slender body and numerous spindly legs; it has many body segments, each of which has two legs on the sides and two black antennae.

The color of the body is dark pink, while its spikes and legs have a lighter hot pink color. It has two backward-facing legs that look like antennae creating a false head. All I can say is it is awesome and cool looking.

Caring For Pink Dragon Millipede

  • Habitat

Due to their sizes, you can get a plexiglass glass aquarium for them. This kind of tank will allow you to observe them and also control the lighting. Get an aquarium that is about a 5-10 gallon range. In your habitat, provide a hideaway for them; this will help them feel secure.

Get a metal mesh screen to secure the aquarium’s top so they won’t escape. Use wider aquariums instead of taller ones; this is because they spend much time being invisible.

  • Substrates

The substrates should be made up of rotten white wood, live moss, or damp sphagnum moss; all of these make up a considerable part of their diet. You can also add fish flakes, cucumber, and lime powder every three weeks to the substrate.

If kept in a good condition, they will breed. Ensure you don’t use artificial turf or gravel in the substrate; they can be very harsh for the pink dragon millipede.

  • Feeding

They will eat almost anything but are very fond of vegetables and fruits. Some good choices include; apples, squash, cucumbers, melon, and bananas.

You can give them a great treat regularly, treats like table scraps, leftovers, rotten food and leaves, dried cat food, and mushrooms.

Feed them once daily; endeavor to throw out uneaten meals in the morning.

  • Temperature And Humidity

Average room temperature is required for a pink dragon millipede to thrive. The right temperature should be between 60°f-70°f, and the humidity should be around 75-90% in the aquarium.

Are They Good Feeders?

Yes, they are good feeders. Cucumbers, cuttlebone, and apples are their favorites; they provide the necessary calcium they need. Do not feed them with iceberg lettuce; it does not contain enough nourishments for them.

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  1. Tony

    Amazing packaging and care guide was perfect. Hoping to grab some isopods next!

  2. Alex

    Great communication and best packaging I have seen. Will be grabbing more soon! Thank you guys

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